GPS Tracking System in Punjab

Roadpoint Limited GPS count with customers in greater than 3 international locations and has 24 years of experience in the era business. Our gadgets use GSM/GPRS quad-band modems, bearing in mind a much broader insurance. The GPS, gsm and CPU forums are included following the higher first-class standards and proprietary firmware to assure robustness and amazing overall performance in all form of situations. We provide an entire automobile and personal tracking solution. This can allow you to create a brand new enterprise allowing you to offer tracking services to events and price a monthly rate for allowing them to display their motors in actual-time through a web browser. The engine may be stopped remotely in case of theft. Our devices are excessive first-rate and especially dependable. We’re aware of the lifestyles of reasonably-priced devices: most of them are unreliable and absence tech aid at all - as they have been not designed for professional monitoring.

What is CarTrack GPS

Roadpoint Limited provides GPS Tracking System for your day to day solutions. We are a company that thinks for the customers like a customer. We aimed for a vision to make navigation and tracking affordable to all pockets and we have achieved this with the help of our mentor Mr. Ranjan Chadha who is also the developer of this company.Roadpoint Limited GPS is a dealer of GPS monitoring device and application. We export vehicle GPS tracking technology for a fleet place and personal safety. Our organization presents area solutions for a fleet of automobiles consisting of car, bus, trucks, vehicles or motorcycles. And for personal tracking, protection guards, machines, products, and items.

Web & Smartphone

A single web-based platform for all your workforce management needs. A Better tracking system helps you provide more accurate delivery times.

Alerts & Notification

The LogicalTracks alerts feature to make you aware of exceptions — in real time.


Get powerful insights with Geofence Analytics: know how much time you spent at client location.


LogicalTracks application offers detailed reporting that contributes significantly to improved business operations.
Features LogicalTracks

Real Time View

Forgot where you parked your car? Looking to find the current location of the vehicle? Our real time view feature gives you detailed street and map data...

Route Creation

Our advanced routing and scheduling optimization capabilities, lets you see where your vehicles are on the road...

History View

Entire vehicle history is available base on monthly weekly and daily. Select any of your vehicles to view...

Fleet Administrator

LogicalTracks vehicle tracking system that integrates seamlessly with your business needs and goals.

Our goal: your profits

Your company will start earning monthly fees by offering vehicle location services to other companies. The Return on Investment (ROI) is a 110% per year. The investment on each device is recovered in 3 months. After that the profits start to rise. The software cost will be paid in 3 months by having 50 clients.

Your Company, Your Server

We can offer you a complete web server installed on your workplace remotely with remote upkeep and unfastened software program upgrades. This includes an entire life warranty: if your web server receives broken we will fix it or reinstall it from scratch. You’ll be provided the administrator rights to manipulate the server and upload an infinite variety of cars, customers, and fleets. The requirement to emerge as a distributor is to order the expert kit.

Pricing and features

We recommend the Indian made GPS RP06N for vehicle tracking. Our devices support geofencing, over speed alerts, SMS, GPRS and Web monitoring. In addition, we manufacture GPS trackers for humans and motorbikes. In the different hand the tracker box permits for cargo or package deal tracking and has the GPS and gsm antennas embedded. And even as it could be mounted on vehicles it is ideal for cargo monitoring due to its exquisite battery length